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Force Of Will

Force Of Will Display 36 Boosters Block Valhalla V1: The Rebirth of Valhalla

Force Of Will Display 36 Boosters Block Valhalla V1: The Rebirth of Valhalla

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Force Of Will Display 36 Boosters Block Valhalla V1: The Rebirth of Valhalla

Condition: New
French language
Content :

Packaged in a Box of 36 Boosters from the Renaissance of Valhalla expansion.

Each Booster contains 10 cards.

Join us as the curtain rises on a new era of Force of Will. This time we return to Valhalla, a world familiar to some former players. We listened to the words of our valued players! Many of them asked to balance the balance of power between the Rulers, an important force for this cluster. And so for the entirety of this new Valhalla block, the Rulers will not be present in the boosters. There will be 10 Rulers spread across the 5 Starter Decks that players will have to play with for the duration of the block.
These 10 new Rulers will have unique cards called “Runes”. The power level of the new Runes will increase with future expansions and will be strictly adjusted to the frequency of use of the 10 Rulers in high-level tournaments. We want to create a balanced game for this new year, allowing players to fully enjoy their games.

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