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Yu Gi Oh! Display The Millennium Labyrinth

Yu Gi Oh! Display The Millennium Labyrinth

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Yu Gi Oh! Display of 24 Boosters The Millennium Maze (MZMI)

Condition: New
French language
Release date : 01/18/2024
Contents of the Box :

24 Yu-Gi-Oh! from the Millennium Labyrinth collection.

Each booster pack contains 7 cards.

The Millennium Maze contains new cards seen in the series and long thought lost, as well as some of the most used tournament cards of the moment!

The Millennium Maze will kick off the new year in January 2024 with new cards seen in the series and long thought lost, as well as some of the most used tournament cards of the moment! From the hypnotic powers of the Eyes of Illusion of Pegasus to the invisible evil of Clorless, King of Chaos of the Dark World , you will no longer know where to turn with dozens of new cards first appearing in the many worlds of Yu‑ Gi‑Oh! or were inspired by it! Here are some examples of the loot that awaits you in the maze!

A source of light won't be too much to find your way in the labyrinth, so start with Feu Ardent , a brand new map! This long-awaited Spell Card adds a Level 4 or lower Pyro-Type Monster to your hand from your Deck. This is a must-have card for Duelists who are interested in the new upcoming Phantom Nightmare archetype, as well as for Duelists who are setting their “Volcanic” cards from Legendary Duelists ablaze: Soulburner Volcano or other fiery Decks!

With Harmonic Synchro Fusion , it's two for the price of one from your Extra Deck! This Magic allows you to Tribute 2 monsters to perform both a Special Summon of a Fusion Monster that they can form AND of a Synchro Monster that they can form: both at once! Are you using Garura, Wings of Resounding Life from the 25th Anniversary Box: Duel Heroes ? Now you can Summon Garura and get a free Synchro Monster to clear the field for Garura to attack directly and deal double damage!

Infect your opponent's Extra Deck with the dark power of Number 1: Buzzing King of Infection ! This Rank 8 Xyz Monster allows you to look into your opponent's Extra Deck and eliminate a dangerous card before they can play it. This Demon is also easy to Summon using the many Level 8 “Horus” monsters from the Age of the Overlord ! Add in an effect that can destroy any of your opponent's cards and inflict damage if you've targeted a monster, and the Demon uprising in the Duel world is not about to stop!

Sometimes the best things in life aren't free. Transaction Rollback will cost you half of your Life Points, but this card will allow you to duplicate any Normal Trap Card from the two Graveyards! You can first play it from your field and copy a Normal Trap Card from your opponent's Graveyard, then you get a second charge by banishing it from your Graveyard to copy a Normal Trap Card from your own Graveyard. If you've just built your "Labyrinth" Deck with cards from the 25th Anniversary Box: Duel Heroes , be sure to add this incredibly useful Trap Card!

And many other surprises await you in The Millennium Labyrinth !

The complete Millennium Labyrinth set contains 85 cards:

  • 11 Ultra Rare
  • 16 Super Rare
  • 57 Rare
  • 1 Quarter Century Secret Rare
    (16 cards are also available as Collector Rares)

Each booster contains 7 cards:

  • 1 Shiny card per pack
  • 6 Rare cards per pack

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