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Yu Gi Oh! Display of 24 Boosters: Duelist's Nexus

Yu Gi Oh! Display of 24 Boosters: Duelist's Nexus

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Yu Gi Oh! Display of 24 Boosters: Duelist's Nexus (DUNE)

Condition: New
French language
Release date : 07/27/2023

Contents of the Box :

24 Yu-Gi-Oh! from the Duelist's Nexus collection.

Each booster pack contains 9 cards.

Duelist's Nexus includes an all-new monster type in Yu‑Gi‑Oh! since Cyberse monsters were introduced in 2017 in Starter Decks: Link Attack ! Illusion monsters cannot be destroyed by battle. They also cannot destroy monsters in combat, but they can remove life points from them using other advantages! Come discover the Nightmare Magician , an Illusion monster that gives you control over any monster it fights! He can also destroy a card of his choice on the field if another monster attacks!

Change the game of your Synchro Summon strategies with new cards inspired by Yu‑Gi‑Oh! 5D's , such as the powerful Crimson Dragon from the animated series, now playable as a full-fledged Synchro Monster! We recommend choosing Legendary Battles Synchronic Assault : Monstrous Vengeance, if you want to get a head start with this lightning-fast strategy!

The Inferno Knights are back! Three years after their first appearance in Rise of the Duelist , the epic saga of the Noble Inferno Knights continues in Duelist's Nexus ! Draw out your Emperor Charles, Inferno Noble Knight and your Equipment Spell cards, because you'll need them to summon this brand new 3,000 ATK Link Monster capable of reducing the effects of your opponent's Spell and Trap cards to ashes!

Expect more surprises, because more than just a medieval story comes to life in Duelist's Nexus ! Formerly extinct fauna returns in force with new Dinosaur cards, such as a new type of Grenosaurus , in addition to an Evolsaur which can evolve into a powerful Rank 6 Evolzar. New cards introduced in Access to Cyber-Storm will be available, such as Nemleria cards as well as many other surprises!

Duelist Nexus also includes an exclusive world premiere archetype and introduces Quarter Century Secret Rare cards to core boosters for the first time! 25 Quarter Century Secret Rare cards will be available, representing 25 years of the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! card game license.

The Duelist's Nexus booster contains a total of 100 new cards:

  • 50 Common Cards
  • 26 Super Rare Cards
  • 14 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 10 Rare Secret Cards

(24 of these cards are also available as Quarter Century cards in Secret Rare, and 1 special card is ONLY available in Quarter Century Secret Rare!)

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