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Yu Gi Oh! Display Nightmare Ghost

Yu Gi Oh! Display Nightmare Ghost

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Yu Gi Oh! Display of 24 Phantom Nightmare Boosters (PHNI)

Condition: New
French language
Release date : 02/08/2024
Contents of the Box :

24 Yu-Gi-Oh! from the Ghostly Nightmare collection.

Each booster pack contains 9 cards.

Unveil the terrifying secrets of new archetypes, find your new favorite cards among recent additions, and discover memorable new monsters!

Don't close your eyes: Nightmare Ghost is lurking around! This set of 100 new cards is full of amazing new cards straight out of your dreams (and which promise nightmares for your opponents...). Unveil the terrifying secrets of new archetypes, find your new favorite cards among recent additions, and discover memorable new monsters! No matter where you look, you won't be able to escape the exhilarating new maps of Ghostly Nightmare !

Yubel is back! Both friend and opponent of Jaden in Yu‑Gi‑Oh! GX , Yubel made her first appearance in Ghostly Darkness in 2008! Phantom Nightmare introduces new Effect Monsters, Spells and Traps that will seem familiar, but will open the door to a whole new strategy of Yubel . Gain power with Yubel's 3 original forms or use a Continuous Trap Card to Fusion Summon a new Fusion Monster "Yubel" with your opponent's monsters as Fusion Material!

The tempestuous Majespectres throw themselves into battle once again in Phantom Nightmare ! These impetuous free-as-air Pendulum Monsters are elusive, as they cannot be targeted or destroyed by the effects of your opponent's cards. There were originally no “Majespectre” monsters for your Extra Deck, but you will find two in Phantom Nightmare : a new Rank 4 Pendulum/Xyz Monster and a Link 2 Link Monster. These new monsters will guarantee you have the “Majespectre” monsters you need, when and where you need them!

It's time to dust off your old Ritual Monsters Deck, because here comes a new Ritual-oriented archetype that allows you to Summon old iconic cards directly from your Deck. These new cards can be played within their own strategy or used to enhance any strategy based on Ritual Summoning LIGHT Warrior and/or LIGHT Dragon Ritual Monsters!

The events of an ancient battle repeat endlessly as an all-new Pyro archetype sets the battlefield ablaze in a world premiere in Phantom Nightmare . Be sure to get your hands on The Millennium Maze to grab your copies of Burning Fire , so you'll be ready to try it out when Ghostly Nightmare launches in February!

Many other surprises await you in this set. So keep your eyes peeled, lest you enter the Phantom Nightmare unprepared!

The Ghostly Nightmare booster contains a total of 100 new cards:

  • 10 Secret Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rare
  • 26 Super Rares
  • 50 Municipalities

(24 of these cards are also available as Quarter de Siècle Secret Rare cards, and 1 special card is ONLY available as Quarter de Siècle Secret Rare!)

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