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Force Of Will

Force Of Will TCG Display 36 Boosters Game of Gods: Revolution FR

Force Of Will TCG Display 36 Boosters Game of Gods: Revolution FR

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Force Of Will TCG Display 36 Boosters Game of Gods: Revolution FR

Condition: New
French language
Content :

Packaged in a Box of 36 Boosters from the Game of Gods: Revolution expansion.

Each Booster contains 10 cards.

The duel was fought until the final battle.

The battle between Athenia and the Flame Dragon was fierce, and it looks like Athenia is emerging victorious!!
However, the moment the duel stopped, an army of unknown machines arrived, and helped the Flame Dragon escape and take a new form!!

It was the legendary mechanized monster Typhon.

The machines of the future come from a distant alternate world of Deus Ex Machina. In this world, The Ten Worlds and Valhalla rebelled against living beings, and was wiped out by the fusion of machines and gods. To anticipate all this, Deux Ex Machina set out to find Alice and the others.
The fight against Typhon will surely destroy this world in this universe.

Then Zeus, whose power was dormant in Alice, temporarily awakened and brought about the last dueling ground.
In addition to this, he gathered the power of the God, who was the reason for the tearing of Valhalla, and confined his eternal fight against Typhon in this extract of power.
The duels never end, just like the power of God, which will never return to him again. But a fragment of it was able to be kept.

And Zeus accepted the challenge. His last words were "Let's go to that future"!!

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